MakeupDrop Matte is the original silicone applicator with a more textured surface than the original MakeupDrop. This allows for more precise makeup application. The textured surface also works great on makeup-free skin to blot away excess oils for fresh looking skin. 


A hypoallergenic, versatile beauty tool that allows for seamless makeup application for a flawless finish. The super smooth surface of the MakeupDrop allows for easy liquid makeup application allowing product to glide effortlessly onto the skin with minimal waste. Use to apply everything from foundation to liquid contour to your favourite lipstick or cream eyeshadow.


Naturally bacteria resistant and very easy to clean after each use with soap and water.

MakeupDrop Matte

  • Apply product like a pro with minimal waste whilst preventing the spread of bacteria during application. Use about a fourth of the product you usually would with a standard makeup sponge or brush. After lightly applying product to your MakeupDrop, dab on to your face and gentle massage into skin to blend.